Passport to Paris

Over the weekend, Amanda, Maddie, Chelsea, and I went to Paris together! I’ve been to the city for a few days before on my trip in high school, but this excursion was so much different, and so much better.

Being in London for three weeks has certainly taught us how to find our way around a city, and, perhaps more importantly, find our way around a subway system. Paris was beautiful, and the food was AMAZING. We were able to have a picnic-style meal by the Eiffel Tower, and then watch as it lit up as the night got darker. I also ate my weight in crepes. Hey, Paris isn’t somewhere I am going to go every day, so I need to eat all the banana nutella crepes I can get my hands on.

Although my weekend in Paris was wonderful, it made me appreciate London more. Part of it was definitely the language barrier. A lot of signs and announcements were translated into English, and most people spoke at least some English, but only knowing about five French phrases made getting around much more challenging. Paris is really a romantic and beautiful city, but London is somewhere I can see myself exploring for much longer. Even after three jam-packed weeks, there is still more I feel like I want to see. I also missed the culture of London. Everything seems more orderly here. The tube system makes more sense than Paris’s Metro, the city is cleaner, and, surprisingly, the fashion is better. Paris is perfect for a weekend getaway, but London is somewhere I could actually see myself living for quite a while.

I’m really sad to be packing up tonight. I honestly wish I had chosen to study for a full semester here. I got to see so much, but I feel like I needed more time to explore the culture more. I would recommend studying in London to any student, and I would ┬árecommend jet-setting to Paris for the weekend to students in London as well!

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