Hard days work

Hubli has been a truly eye opening experience. I was assured that I would never leave Massachusetts and yet here I am, in a classroom trying to solve local problems on a national scale. The rock garden we visited was fun and educational. I learned a lot from the wall paintings and the sculptures that stood. This week was a tough week however. The classes have been long and tough for my group and myself. The work is getting harder to keep up with due to the small window of opportunity we are given to work on our projects. For example, the 500 Rupee challenge. It was intense due to a 2 day length period. Also trying to gather primary research was more of a challenge than anticipated. We made plans to have fun in the town of Hubli but those plans fell apart when we realized how tired and defeated we felt. The next few days will feel the same until we leave to Chennai. I’m not ready to leave my new friends.