Sources to be successful entrepreneur

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program in Hubli, India finished. This program was what I wanted to join since enrollment for UML to obtain an MBA. While I learned a lot about business administration such as finance, organizational behavior or marketing, I didn’t know what additional sources are essential to be an entrepreneur. To be a successful entrepreneur, offering problem solutions to customers with creative and innovative measures are inevitable. As my goal is to run my business, I would like to consider these points I learned from the program while combining with pieces of knowledge I’ve intaken from the past MBA class.

Team Building

I knew that there are four stages in the team building; forming, storming, norming and performing. However, I’ve never met a storming stage at any projects in Japan. Japanese companies have strict hierarchal corporate structures and supervisors make almost every decision in a top-down manner. Also, we have rare opportunities to use a brainstorming method at our workplace. Another reason that Japanese have rarely experienced a storming stage is that we have a high context culture.

At this program, we met a storming stage during our project. One of the causes of the problem was that we were not able to proceed the forming stage properly. The other was that there wasn’t a team leader who considers establishing ground rules. As a person with the experience of the only project leader, I should have put on my own as a leader.

This program taught me not only pieces of knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation but also how difficult team building is in diversified members.

The most memorable experience

Our team visited a small village outside of Hubli last Friday to interview local farmers who have a small-sized holding of farmland. As I was probably the first foreigner who visited there, many local people showed interests to me, and they asked me to take photos with them.I was happy to be a favorite person:)

From an interview with local farmers, I was surprised to find out that farmers have problems in the shortage of labor in India, where population growth is significant. With Japan ‘s declining population, lack of farmers’ hands has become a severe problem. To solve this problem, I would like to do my utmost to this project collaborating with my teammates.