Team Building

I knew that there are four stages in the team building; forming, storming, norming and performing. However, I’ve never met a storming stage at any projects in Japan. Japanese companies have strict hierarchal corporate structures and supervisors make almost every decision in a top-down manner. Also, we have rare opportunities to use a brainstorming method at our workplace. Another reason that Japanese have rarely experienced a storming stage is that we have a high context culture.

At this program, we met a storming stage during our project. One of the causes of the problem was that we were not able to proceed the forming stage properly. The other was that there wasn’t a team leader who considers establishing ground rules. As a person with the experience of the only project leader, I should have put on my own as a leader.

This program taught me not only pieces of knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation but also how difficult team building is in diversified members.