Finished the class!!

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I got the best experience through the class! The lectures, guest speakers, group works, etc. The course was organized well and gave opportunities to learn many valuable things. The knowledge and information gained from the class will enable me to be successful as a business person. Besides, my classmates were as great as the contents of the lesson. At first, I was full of anxiety and worry as to whether I could finish the class well. However, the best classmates supported me to do something complicated and challenging. I appreciate for being able to meet them. Truly, everyone was great!! Also, at the end of the lesson, everyone celebrated my birthday. I was very grateful! It was the first time to be celebrated while filling a cake on my face. Although I was surprised firstly, I felt that it was a good experience as well, and I could know the completely different culture from Japan. Including this incident, I was also able to learn many things from my classmates. I am thankful to the professors and my classmates for being able to broaden my horizons! I miss everyone so much.


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We made several presentations in class. I was so surprised at my classmates’ performances! Their expressiveness, behavior, confidence, and so on. There were lots of things to learn. We Japanese have no chance to do a presentation in front of a lot of people. Even in school education, we have received little classes that let us express our thoughts. Most are passive styles taught unilaterally by a teacher. Therefore, Japanese expression power is scarce. I think Japanese need to increase opportunities to express and share our ideas more. At this time, by listening to everyone’s presentation, I was able to know various ideas and got the chance to capture things from the different perspectives. I got a meaningful experience! I would like to make efforts to make use of what I learned in my actual work.


A few days ago, I went to the stand to buy something cold. At that time, I had only big bills. When I tried to purchase a drink with the bill, the store’s staff refused my payment because the staff did not have any change. I asked the person a few times, but I couldn’t.  A strange Indian student who watched the situation paid for me. I was wondering about why he paid for the stranger Japanese. If we Japanese are in the opposite position, will we do the same? I felt the warmth of Indian heart with this incident and decided to take the lead in helping Indians in Japan if they were in trouble. This event was a real amazing!

Indian economic

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January 1st was a day off! In the morning I worked on the assignments of accounting class and from the afternoon I went to the shopping mall to purchase traditional costumes and have lunch with my friends. A ride double was my first time and a bit scary, but I had an exciting experience for a total of 30 minutes.

On the way to the shopping mall, I found several problems that you might need to improve or address. For instance, uncontrollable traffic, hygiene aspect of town including garbage, lack of signal, the condition of the road, and so on. If you address the problems, you could invite more foreign tourists, and the solution of the challenges could allow more foreigners to live here. Therefore, I think that having problems could be business opportunities depending on ideas. From that perspective, India has so many business opportunities, unlike Japan. Japan has already matured, and the business opportunities in Japan are limited. Therefore, Japan has to accelerate its expansion to overseas.

A large number of customers gather in the shopping mall as well. There are many people in India wherever you go! I am always surprised by the number of individuals. The population is also a very attractive element for the economy. Therefore, more and more foreign companies will advance into India to grab business opportunities. In various respects, the development of the Indian economy is no doubt! I’m looking forward to the increasing growth of the Indian economy!

Fantastic short trip!










I visited the Rock Garden with my classmates by bus on December 31. It has various statues and displays traditional lifestyles of Karnataka state. Owing to the proper explanation of my friends, I was able to know and understand Karnataka’s culture, history, and lifestyles. It was the pleasant and meaningful experience. Understanding other country’s culture or history enables to expand my viewpoint and way of thinking. In that sense, I could gain lots of learning and discovery. Especially, the conventional wedding style of Karnataka state was impressive for me. The Karnataka’s people seem to invite a minimum of 400 guests. I couldn’t believe it. In Japan, we usually invite only about 50 people on average. Also, guests are getting less year by year. Due to the maturity of country and changes in lifestyle, the way of thinking and behavior of Japanese people change. We are getting less involved with others. From Indian culture, I realized the necessity and importance of building the right or strong relationship with relatives, friends, and others.

As another impressive thing, it was Indian children. They were not shy and enjoyed dancing seriously. Japanese children cannot do that. I felt Indian power and energy from that scene.