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We made several presentations in class. I was so surprised at my classmates’ performances! Their expressiveness, behavior, confidence, and so on. There were lots of things to learn. We Japanese have no chance to do a presentation in front of a lot of people. Even in school education, we have received little classes that let us express our thoughts. Most are passive styles taught unilaterally by a teacher. Therefore, Japanese expression power is scarce. I think Japanese need to increase opportunities to express and share our ideas more. At this time, by listening to everyone’s presentation, I was able to know various ideas and got the chance to capture things from the different perspectives. I got a meaningful experience! I would like to make efforts to make use of what I learned in my actual work.


A few days ago, I went to the stand to buy something cold. At that time, I had only big bills. When I tried to purchase a drink with the bill, the store’s staff refused my payment because the staff did not have any change. I asked the person a few times, but I couldn’t.  A strange Indian student who watched the situation paid for me. I was wondering about why he paid for the stranger Japanese. If we Japanese are in the opposite position, will we do the same? I felt the warmth of Indian heart with this incident and decided to take the lead in helping Indians in Japan if they were in trouble. This event was a real amazing!