Finished the class!!

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I got the best experience through the class! The lectures, guest speakers, group works, etc. The course was organized well and gave opportunities to learn many valuable things. The knowledge and information gained from the class will enable me to be successful as a business person. Besides, my classmates were as great as the contents of the lesson. At first, I was full of anxiety and worry as to whether I could finish the class well. However, the best classmates supported me to do something complicated and challenging. I appreciate for being able to meet them. Truly, everyone was great!! Also, at the end of the lesson, everyone celebrated my birthday. I was very grateful! It was the first time to be celebrated while filling a cake on my face. Although I was surprised firstly, I felt that it was a good experience as well, and I could know the completely different culture from Japan. Including this incident, I was also able to learn many things from my classmates. I am thankful to the professors and my classmates for being able to broaden my horizons! I miss everyone so much.