A list for an Entrepreneuer

Takeaways from our classroom activities that every Entrepreneur should know:

  • Continuously be self-learning, every day is filled with another opportunity to learn something new
  • Be a problem solver, not a problem finder
  • Have good failure only, take ownership and learn from it, make failure happen quickly by stretching your limits.
  • Your team is important, have a common goal and only work with partners
  • You can’t do it alone, the individual has strengths and weaknesses, ask for help
  • Put vision into values which are practiced everyday
  • Have more than one plan
  • Be open to change
  • Do the best you can today, as you do not know what tomorrow will bring
  • Don’t make decisions with emotions
  • Have a purpose beyond money
  • Continue doing what works, change what does not work
  • Goals have to be 10x, shoot for the moon
  • Energy, Energy Energy, and Passion, Passion Passion
  • Use fear as a motivator

Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from learning, be young again and do not worry what others will say if you fall, as you can always get back up, dust yourself off and try again.  You can not succeed in something new without trying.

Friends Dancing Together to Reshape the World

Our travels in India can best be compared to the way traffic operates here. An outsider would say that there is no rhyme, no reasons, its chaotic, filled with honks, beeps, bumps and is even a little bit scary. Our time in TrafficNew Dehli, at least from my perspective, was that of an outsider, the rhythm of India was not unlocked for me to hear, I could not make out the beat nor hear the music, so therefor I could not truly enjoy the dance and its beauty. (Exception: The Taj Mahal needs no music to see its beauty)

CampusIt was not till I arrived at the scholar house of the BVB campus in Hubli and met our Indian colleagues where I began to hear the beat of India and see the dance. The traffic is not random or chaotic, it is actually a beautifully choreographed dance that flows and moves as gracefully as a ball room dancer, but not all can hear the music they dance too. The BVB students have shown me that India is a country of its people, and its people are the pulse, its people provides the rhythm for the dance and its people, at least the ones I have been lucky enough to come to know, are now my Metra. (Friends)

Over the past four days my fellow Indian classmates have open their campus, their arms, their minds and their hearts and have truly become friends. From the moment we arrived at the scholar house on the BVB campus you could feel a Class Heartbond between the groups forming, to the same degree that hydrogen and oxygen atoms comes together to form water, UMass and BVB have unified and become one flowing body with the potential of accomplishing great things. Just as the power of water has the ability to carve through rock to reshape the Earth, we too can do the same. We have brought our young, passionate, innovative minds together as one, as we work to solve tomorrow’s problems, today, reshaping the future of our world.

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.”
― George Carlin