Review of the course

The course on entrepreneurship was very helpful and I learned a lot of great information. I do think that the course could have been organized a little bit better. I think that the students would have benefited more if we were to have taken the course before going out to our businesses and analyzing their problems. I think that if we were to have a week long class, whether it was in America or India and then pursued the entrepreneurship process, our projects would have been much better. During the first few days we were looking at our company’s problems and thinking of recommendations and solutions that might overcome them. By the time we were building our report and thought we had our recommendations down, we learned new helpful information in class which made us rethink our entire project. I felt as though every time we learned something new in class we changed our project because new ideas were constantly flying through our brains. This was a good thing but it pushed our work back to the last few days to write the paper and create the presentation. Overall I learned so much from this course and enjoyed it a lot. I had one of the best times in my life and will never forget this experience. I do believe that the groups could have been more successful if the course was spread out a little differently.