classroom time

What can I say about the actual classroom time that hasn’t already been said?

The good:

I really enjoyed the Seven Beans guest speaker. His story was inspirational. I had visited Seven Beans several times before the final day of class when he spoke to us. Being a fan of all things coffee, I immediately loved the atmosphere and social aspect of the place. It was great to hear the origin of the “seven beans” story, and to hear about the owner’s struggles and triumphs as an entrepreneur.

I also enjoyed the few times in class that we worked on interactive small team projects. It is much more of a learning experience for me when I’m actively doing something instead of sitting for a lecture.

The final project was a great learning opportunity. My team, Campus Cloud, met with the angel investor on the second day in at BVB. It was such an exciting and scary experience. However, he was such a nice guy that the meeting ended up with us all getting coffee at Seven Beans. Working on the project with my team wasn’t always a smooth process, but we were able to pull everything together and make a great presentation.


The not so good:

I agree with others that said the particular room that we were in made it very difficult to hear anything, even when sitting in the front. Every word that was said was echoed into oblivion. There were several days that I could not understand anything from the guest speakers. Even when the microphones were used, the sound was still echoed and distorted.

The classroom time could have been less “lecture” and more interactive. There was one day that we made a small presentation on a problem with a possible solution. That was one of my favorite days because I felt like I was doing something. I know this is just personal preference, but a +3hr lecture was not enjoyable for me.


Overall, I do feel like I learned a lot about the entrepreneurial process, especially since I was working with a start-up company. I’d recommend this course to anyone who wants to obtain a multicultural, multidisciplinary team experience.