Academic Resources

At this point in the semester, your student has most likely written papers, turned in assignments, or has taken tests and quizzes (and if they haven’t done any of these, they’re coming). Adjusting to college level course work is an adjustment and success doesn’t always happen immediately. If your student needs any assistance or support in the classes, there are a variety of resources that you can encourage them to utilize!

The Centers for Learning, Advising, & Student Success offers many programs and resources for your student. This includes tutoring, advising, and workshops on a variety of topics, including study skills and time management. Download their flier for a full description of resources offered by CLASS!

You and your student can also view a list of resources on the River Hawk Family Resource Hub, with more info and links to offices and programs that can help your student be academically successful.

If your student encounters any issues or problems in one of their classes, encourage them to contact their professor directly to set up a time to discuss the issue. Sometimes students might feel intimidated about reaching out, but professors are there to help your student learn and can work with your student to find solutions.

Our #1 piece of advice to students when it comes to academics is to reach out early before any problem or issue grows. Staff and faculty know that this is a big part of their transition to college and that there might be some bumps in the road. As parents and family members, encouraging your student to use these resources is important, and can be a big help in making your student feel comfortable and confident with reaching out.