Final Days

2018 Nanjing Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshop in Nanjing China is coming to an end. This experience at first was a little hard to get adjusted to but I can say we were able to get through it. Even though it took a while for many of us to adapt I can happily say I’m glad I took on this opportunity, I got to meet great people, try new foods, and got to explore Nanjing which I enjoyed very much. I even had the chance to learn how to write in mandarin which was very interesting. The volunteers were beyond amazing, and I had great team members.  Overall China was an amazing experience, but I am ready to go back home, because there’s nothing like HOME. 🙂


Jiangsu Province Scenic Spot (Yangzhou)

On June 2, 2018 our tour guide Crystal took use to two places one was a beautiful garden that had stone that represented different seasons like Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring and the other was Slender West Lake. The garden is owned by a rich business man in Jiangsu Province. We were told that the owner loved bamboo tree which is the reason why we seen tons of different of bamboo different shape, size and even color. The Slender West Lake used to be a natural river named Baozhang and it has been around for a very long time dating back to the Song Dynasty. The scenery was amazing, we found this beautiful garden with red flowers that all the girls took pictures in front of. We walked all around the garden and then we were able to get on the boat to actually experience flowing down the river which was pretty cool.

YanCheng ChunQiu Land – June 1, 2018

On Friday June 5, 2018 we had the opportunity to visit YanCheng ChunQiu Land: the ruins of the ancient ground city. We were able to not just admire the statues but also learned a little about what they represented. For instance, we learned about the era of Han Dynasty and how the different school came about what they were used for. The some of the twelve various schools of thought during the period from the Pre-Qin to the early Han Dynasty were Agriculturist, Medical Scientists, Taoists, Mohit’s, Political Strategist, Eclectics, Confucianist, Legalists, Logicians, Novelists and Military Strategist they all represents the Ancient Philosophers Garden concentrates on demonstrating the ideological. We also came upon a wishing tree that I thought was super cool. We were actually able to buy a red ribbon to tie the ribbon on the tree with a wish. The tour guide also told us that the higher you place you ribbon the better chance of you wish coming true so of course I tried to place mine as high as I could.