Starting our 2-week Study Abroad Nanjing!

Prof Crooker and I are taking 11 UML students on an exciting 2-week entrepreneurship learning at Nanjing University of Postal and telecommunications (NUPT), Nanjing, CHINA. Students from India (KLE Tech University) and NUPT students will join us in a multidisciplinary, multicultural entrepreneurship learning. This is our 13th session since we started this program in 2014 and we will have over 725 students attended these sessions after we conclude Nanjing session!

Getting ready for China


My name is Ronnie Zubi, I live in Northborough, Massachusetts with my lovely wife Natalia and our two awesome boys, Matheus (9) and Lucas (4). I am 40 years old. I am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’ve also lived in Colombia and Venezuela, about a year in each country. This first paragraph in itself tells you why I am going to China. I love travelling and getting to know other cultures!

My academic background is in Information Technology. I attended a specialized program in Data Processing in High School, and subsequently Computer Science in college. I am currently pursuing another academic degree with the University of Massachusetts Lowell. As of now, I have completed 24 out of 30 credits for the Master of Science in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (MS ITE). My plan is to graduate by the end of 2018.

By attending this international program I am looking into expanding the knowledge I have obtained thus far in the domains of entrepreneurship and innovation. I have had the opportunity to work in different countries in both startups and multi-national corporations and Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation are subjects that have been captivating me for a long time. Today I am a Product Manager at the Education Services Department of Dell EMC. My hope is that I will be able to bring the lessons learned to the market place, using them to bring about the cultural and organizational changes that are required to enable internal workforce transformations as well as the creation and successful development of new ventures.

I also have a personal goal (maybe a dream) to teach at college level in the future and getting a graduate degree with international specialization should help me towards this goal.

Finally, as I grow in my personal, professional and academic life, I’m realizing that the easy part is picking up technologies, tools, the “how to” stuff. What is more difficult is to build the right teams with the proper mindset to come up with the appropriate solution that truly meets needs of individuals and organizations. This kind of organizational requires a set of tools and practices that are best learned by interacting with other practitioners and people from different background and cultures. This, in summary, is what I’m hoping to be able to bring to as well as get from this international program in China.

Once my trip starts, next Monday, I will post more interesting stuff about China and the program (not about me!).  In the meantime, here’s a picture of my family in our recent Spring break road trip while we stopped by Philadelphia.


Travel and study entrepreneurship and innovation with UMass Lowell’s Manning School of Business in the Spring & Summer of 2018. Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome!

Students will travel to Nanjing, China with Professors Ashwin Mehta and Joan Crooker to Nanjing University of Postal and Telecommunications (NUPT) to learn alongside NUPT and KLE Technological University (Hubli, India) students and immerse themselves in entrepreneurial mindsets and cultural influences on decision-making.

This course is worth 3 credits and is designed to help students understand the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in today’s global economy and to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among the students in the Manning School of Business. It will cover different forms of entrepreneurship such as small businesses, growth ventures, corporate entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. The course will focus on innovation types, turning innovation into reality and the process of entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship theories and concepts will be discussed with real life examples and cases.

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