About ashwin_mehta@uml.edu

Ashwin Mehta is a Lecturer in The Manning School of Business at University of Massachusetts Lowell. He teaches strategy, entrepreneurship and global enterprises to both undergrad and grad students. He is a program director for a master of Science in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship in the Manning School of Business (http://www.uml.edu/MSB/Graduate-Programs/MSITE.aspx)

Learning and Practicing

On their third day, students participated in creatively building an ambulance car to transport a patient from a rural area to a hospital. They were given a set of legos and they enjoyed building using their imagination! It was an exercise to combine creativity and team building learning. We also had a guest entrepreneur give a very interesting talk on how China is fast transforming its manufacturing into an intelligent manufacturing.

Opening Session Nanjing Program

On Monday June 4 we had an opening ceremony, which was very impressive. Vice President of the University, Dean of Management College and Director of International Cooperation welcomed 38 students from US, India and NUPT. The Vice President complemented the GE2 program and wish to have these sessions in Nanjing and Lowell continue and the university has a full support. Students were off to great start fully engaged in class discussion and activities (GOTB was their first activity!). Here are some pictures from the first day.

Starting our 2-week Study Abroad Nanjing!

Prof Crooker and I are taking 11 UML students on an exciting 2-week entrepreneurship learning at Nanjing University of Postal and telecommunications (NUPT), Nanjing, CHINA. Students from India (KLE Tech University) and NUPT students will join us in a multidisciplinary, multicultural entrepreneurship learning. This is our 13th session since we started this program in 2014 and we will have over 725 students attended these sessions after we conclude Nanjing session!