Hi, I’m Kevin! UML’s Enrollment Marketing Intern

kevin enrollment marketing intern

During my move-in day at UMass Lowell, I couldn’t imagine that I’d be writing blog posts offering prospective students my experiences just a few weeks later. However, that’s just the opportunity UMass Lowell was able to offer me in less than a month living on campus!

Hey, my name is Kevin, and as an Enrollment Marketing Intern this year at UMass Lowell, I will be periodically posting about some of the cool things going on at UML. Here is a quick Q & A about me and my life at UMass Lowell so far!

Where are you from?

Uxbridge, Mass.

What year are you at UML?

I’m a sophomore, but this is my first year on campus.

What’s your major?

Business administration with a double concentration in finance and marketing.

Where do you live on campus?

Fox Hall Floor 11. Once I saw the dining hall was on floor 3, it was an easy decision 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about being on campus so far?

I’ve really enjoyed building relationships with so many new people. Whether it’s my roommate, neighbors, professors or random people I run into all over campus, everyone is so open and welcoming.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I really enjoy playing/watching sports, particularly baseball.

How would you describe your time at UML in one word?