Message for Faculty: iSiS & Windows 8 / Internet Explorer (IE) 10

Internet Explorer 10 should install with compatibility mode turned on. iSiS requires this setting to remain enabled so that the browser can determine the best way to render pages. If compatibility mode is disabled, iSiS pages could be severely impacted. To enable compatibility mode for a page:

  1. Check to see if the Compatibility View icon:


is visible on the address bar. If the Compatibility View icon is not visible, the Web page has no issues displaying in Internet Explorer 10.

2. If the Compatibility View icon is visible, click on it to
display the site in Compatibility mode.

Note: Once you turn on Compatibility View, Internet Explorer will automatically show that site in Compatibility View each time you visit. You can turn it off by tapping or clicking the button again. Or, you can clear the entire list of sites using Compatibility View by deleting your browsing history.

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