5/20/13 Summit Upgrade for Student Dashboards

Over the weekend the Student Dashboardswere upgraded to Summit’s Oracle 11g environment. This upgrade is mostly technical in nature however you will notice a few changes to prompts, navigation and general formatting. This upgrade puts us in a position to utilize new technology and features enabling us to roll out enhancements in the near future.

Below is important information you should be aware of regarding the upgrade.

Logging in for the First Time?

New URL ‘ If you log into Summit from the iSiS, e*mpac, or HR Direct pages, no action is required as the login buttons have been updated. If you have saved the Summit URL as a favorite, please use the new URL to access SUMMIT. For more information on updating saved bookmarks please see Summit Upgrade – updating your bookmarks.pdf

Home Page ‘you will notice the home page has changed. To access your dashboards use the ‘Dashboard’ drop down list found at the top mid right


A list of your available dashboards will appear, click on the dashboard you would like to access, note Student dashboards are listed under CSW Reports, Finance dashboards are listed under FDM Reports, and HR dashboards are listed under HCM Reports.


You do have the ability to save a default dashboard and bypass the home page, see detailed instructions — Summit 11G Setting a Default Dashbaord.pdf

What’s New?

  • Filters ‘ now include the ability to access a search function to find criteria based upon text entered. Clicking the More/Search’ Box will open a pop-up window which allows you to search for the criteria.
  • Apply Button ‘ this button replaces the ‘GO’ button, use this button to retrieve your data.
  • Reset Button ‘ this button replaces the ‘Clear Filter’ button, use this button to clear your filter criteria.
  • Return to Summary link ‘ this now appears as a link rather than a button and can be found at the top and bottom of most Activity pages.
  • Export Link – replaces the Download/Print option on individual widgets, accessing this link will give you the option to download to PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Web, or to download data only.