Fears, Flies and Fungus

Wednesday was going to be a super hot day, so we all got up very early to go to the horse farm down the street. Oh my God, I rode a horse. It was great to face one of my biggest fears, but now I can also say the first (and probably last) time I ever rode a horse was in Portugal! After being excited and terrified at the same time for the entire half hour lesson, we headed back to Marta’s and began our work for the day. Marta had a collection of fruit flies and we were going to use them to “paint” with. When fruit flies’ food is dyed with food dye, they will poop the color of the food dye they ate from. So Marta put the flies in the freezer to make them sleep while we setup our containers with paper and little food bowls of red, blue and yellow coloring for them to eat. We put the flies in and then started on our next assignment while they ate and pooped. Marta took out a bag of mushrooms and we peeled the tops, cut off the stems, and placed them on white paper and cloth. The mushrooms, when made wet by the spritzer we had, were going to release their spores and make the pattern of their bottoms on the cloth and paper. After covering them with bowls we started on one last thing for the day, terrariums. I was so excited for this because I love tiny things. We gathered plants and rocks and put our mini worlds together in jars and documented them with pictures.