Future UML Students

As we near our final four days, the Cambodian students here at AUPP are making their way to the U.S. After class, Moniphal, Dara, and I had a quick chat with them about Umass Lowell. We hope they will come to U.S. and hopefully we can make them feel at home just like they did for us.


Life on the Water

On our verimage-2y last day of our trip to Siem Riep, we decided to make it a relaxing day. I had some crickets for the first time, which didn’t taste too bad, but was very crunchy. Haha. Afterwards, we took a boat ride to see the floating villages. At the floating village, the Vietnamese villages and Cambodian villages are split on the river. This is seen from the different design of their home. Also, their water reminds me of my Dunkin Donuts ice coffee. Maybe, I’m just missing DD’s really bad. 🙁




Cambodia versus Afghanistan!!!



Yesterday, June 16, 2015, we were all thrilled to be invited to the 2018 FIFA World Cup RusSia and AFCYesterday, June 16, 2015, we were all thrilled to be invited to the 2018 FIFA World Asian Cup UAE 2019 Preliminary Joint Qualification Round 2 by our two classmates, Sunner Kea and Rithiya. This was my very first time watching an official national game and there I was lucky enough to get quick photo with Cambodia’s team player number 7, Prak Monyoudom. The game was tied up until the very last few minutes of the game. Afghanistan won, but it was a memorable game and I would say my best memory of this trip! AND this all happened on Moniphal Bing’s birthday!

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A Weekend Getaway to Sokha

Just us 5 roomies heading to the beach, Sokha in Sihanoukville. We were in the van for about 4 hours before we arrived at Sokha Beach Resort. The photo to the right is us girls riding the Tuk Tuk to the hotel. The image to left is the inside of the hotel with an open view above the green plants. The last photo at the very bottom is the pool view at night time before on our way to eat dinner at 10pm. Yes, I know very late..

FullSizeRenderIMG_4470  IMG_4474IMG_4477

Remnants of Toul Sleng

Today was rough as we all knew we would be visiting Toul Sleng – R21. Two AUPP students joined the Umass Lowell students and Dr. George Chigas to see what were behind these cells. We walked through the prison rooms with grief and silence.


Inside were facts and images of Pol Pot’s regime and evidence. The display
consisted pictures of  victims, tools used to tame them, and actions of the Khmer Rouge. We walked through the rooms observing numerous photographs and items in the room when the secret prison was discovered.

IMG_4379IMG_4382 (1)


Royale Palace

On Tuesday, one of our classmates joined us to go visit the Royal Palace. We were
unable to look around much since it was closing time. However, we were still able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Palace. It was very nice to see more of Cambodia especially with one of our classmates.

20150608_165741-2 (1)

King Island

King Island took about 5-6 hours to get there, but the view was worth it. While in the motor boat, I was able to take in the beautiful view. The photo to the right was one I have always set as my gmail theme, but never would I have imagined actually seeing it in front of my eyes. The Island did not have my residents, but their life seemed very simple. There were vendors just like in city selling food and merchandise. Most of the young children here were walking around or stayed close to their parents. I myself ate lots of fresh seafood with the family I was with. Overall, it was a grand site and nice place to visit.