We were attacked by pirates!

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All aboard! Let’s take to a journey across the fresh water lake where the sky is breezy, and the boats are sailing. Our last day of Siem Reap, we were taking a trip to the floating village at the big lake of Siem Reap call Tonle Sap. Tonle Sap is a habitat village located in the middle of the big lake where there is floating schools, floating restaurants, floating houses, etc. This village has people on motor boats to go places to places while tourist ferries come across to the floating village to check out some wonderful views and the lifestyle of its atmosphere. The moment we arrived to the dock, I was the last person to get into the ferries. I winded up to the far end of the seat where the loud engine is at. While the engine was on, I was getting splash of water by the motor of the engine. This was no fun, until my tour guide suggested me that I should sit at the very front of the ferries. I’m like heck yes! I was standing at the peak of the ferries as if I was tip-toeing my feet like Rosie from the Titanic movie. The breeze was nice, and I was able to take some awesome photos from my DLSR camera. According to the tour guide, we came into the wrong time to explore Tonle Sap, because the river and the lake are somewhat shallow. There is no rainy season in June, and I believe it begins on July or August. From my viewpoint, the scenery looks kind of drought and dried, but it still have enough water for us to set sail. The ferries was slowing down a bit when were almost to the floating village. Next thing you know, they were two men in each of the three motorboats immediately rushed to our ferries and grabbed the side of the ferries. They were holding tight on the ferries and didn’t want to let go. The tour guide was confused and doesn’t know what’s going on. The tour guide asked the men from the motorboats in what’s going on. Based on their respond they said, you have to take our small motorboats if you want to go to the floating village. The tour guide was still confused. So he asked the captain of the ferries, and he said that this ferries cannot go any farther due to the shallowness of the river. And then he advised us to take the motorboats to the floating village instead. Dr. Chigas was very skeptical, because he saw few ferries went by to the floating villages. But since we were stuck and we don’t have any better option, we had to take the motorboats’ service. The men charged us two dollar for each person, and we had to split up into two groups. I was the first person to walk to the motorboat, and immediately, three men from separated motorboat reached out from their hand and tell me to sit down to their motorboat from left to right as if they were a bunch of hungry Tuk Tuk drivers ready to make business.  We were forced to take their service and pay for their service if we want to check out the floating village. After the trip of the floating village, in the end, the tour guide was still confused and frustrated in why other ferries manage to go to the floating village without the motorboats. Once we arrived to the dock, the tour guide filed a complaint to the ferries service, because we didn’t know that we have to use the motorboats to go across the floating village. I told everyone that the hold time that we were attacked by “pirates”! If you think about it, these pirates came to our ferries and asked for our money! It’s either we gave them money to go to the floating village or head back to the dock. Overall, these pirates did give us good service in bringing up places to places in the floating village. We get to check out restaurant and a place where they store real life crocodiles for dinner. It was a great experience in having these pirates carrying out our voyage.