Living on Campus Next Year?

Whether you live on campus or a commuter that wants to live on campus, you may already be wondering about the housing process for next year.Well fret no more! Hopefully we can tackle some of the questions you may have with the information that follows:

Housing Contracts
If you have already filled out a contract, wonderful! But for those of you that haven’t and want to live on campus next year, make sure that you fill that out soon! The deadline to get the contract in is March 31st. You also have to send in a $200 deposit with your contract for it to count as being completed. If you have sent in your contract but have not sent the deposit, then your contract does not count as completed yet!
Housing Selection
Once your contract has been submitted, you will receive a “lottery number” in early April that will determine when you will participate in the housing selection process. Seniors are prioritized with the numbers, followed by Juniors, etc. When the day comes for the housing selection, you simply have to log on to the housing gateway at your assigned time and choose “room selection.”  and you’ll be good to choose from what is available!
Other Notes:
  • If you want a specific roommate(s) to live with you next year, you can “pull them in” to whatever room you select. It is important that the person with the highest lottery number (closest to 1) pulls in the roommates, so be prepared with the roommates’ names and student ID numbers.
  • You can only participate in the housing selection process if you are a current resident and submitted your contract on time, so current commuters will be able to choose housing after the process is complete.
  • Attend the Beat the System event on March 7th for a chance to win one of the top ten lottery numbers! This allows you to be one of the first to pick your room and potentially pull in roommates. There are also fun and games to help brighten your day!
Unsure about Living on Campus?
You may be unsure about whether or not you want to live on campus next year, and that is totally okay! The biggest thing you can do is weigh the pros and cons about living on campus for you. Any concerns you have can always be directed to the office of Residence life. 
Also, an important thing to note, is that if you decide that you no longer want to live on campus but you already submitted the contract or participated in the selection process, as long as you cancel your contract by July 15th, you do not get charged for any room and board, and if you cancel by the first day of Fall classes, you get charged 50% of Fall fees but no Spring charges. So you always have time to figure it out!