Winter is coming…

…And with winter coming, that also means that winter break is coming. Now, now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I cannot think about break when I have a thousand things to do!” and while that may be true, it never hurts to plan ahead!

Before I go into the importance of planning ahead for winter break, I just wanted to touch upon a few quick notes when it comes to classes:

  • The last day to withdraw from a course with a W is November 15th
  • Even though there is only a month left in the semester, there is still plenty of time to catch up, take advantage of all the resources available to you (Professor, tutoring, etc.)
  • Study, and use your time accordingly, do not sacrifice your health (Ex: sleep) if you do not need to, this is the final push!
  • Your final exam schedule can be found on SiS so make sure to log in and check that out! Rooms should be posted on there at a later date
Moving back home
Image result for winterAll students living on campus need to be checked out of their room by December 17th at 6 PM. So you want to make sure that you are bringing home any priority items such as a laptop that you may need when home because you will not have access to your room after this time until the spring semester. Feel free to speak to your RA for any other specifics you may want to know
Something that certain students like to do is they begin bringing certain clothes back home weeks in advance that they no longer need in their residence halls. This makes it easier when you move out in December so that you can carry less. 
You are also able to live on campus over the winter if you want to, you just need to put in a request with residence life. Please note, that this does cost extra!

Final Thoughts
We have roughly one month left of classes and while it may feel like everything is piling up, you can certainly get through! You are all Riverhawks and with that comes the power to soar! Continue to use the resources available to you and you will earn the credits you deserve and get a nice winter break. 
Upperclassmen Advice of the Week:
“I never realized how intense my classes could get at times, but it certainly does seem to pick up towards the end of the semester. I am so glad that we had the centers for learning because if it were not for the tutors there, I may not have passed some of my classes. Make sure to use it!”
– Vincent S. – Junior Psychology Major