Professional Cooperative Education Program

Just as you are, Enrollment Ambassadors are also UMass Lowell students. We can relate to the college struggles and understand the pressure of expectations to be successful once college ends. This is why I want to emphasize the importance of the Career Services’ Co-op Program.

I can’t even stress how important it is for students to apply for internships or co-ops during college. When you graduate, employers really look out for whether you made this effort or not. Getting your foot through the door is everything. My freshmen professors mentioned this all the time, but I let it go “in the ear and out the other.” It wasn’t until the summer before my junior year that I started to feel like I wasn’t doing much with my life. It hit me that I could really struggle with finding a career. That’s when I decided to look into the Co-op Program.

“There’s no way I’m joining the Co-op Program. I don’t want to graduate late.”

^^^ That was my mentality. I didn’t want to miss graduating with my friends. I didn’t think it would be a good look either. But boy, was I wrong.

First of all, you don’t necessarily have to graduate late if you join the Co-op program. They have two pathways you could take.

1. There is a 6 month pathway where you would take off a semester and work full-time if you are chosen for a position.

2. There is also a 3 month pathway that you could choose where you would be working for two summers.

Throughout your 6 month co-op, you’d still be considered a full-time student. If you feel like you can handle it, you could take evening classes or catch up on classes during the summer.

The entire Co-op Process if shown in the picture below.

Three discinct phases of the UMass Lowell co-op program

I am currently taking the Professional Development Seminar and I have never been so thankful for a class. From strict revision on resumes to interviewing skills and Linked In Profiles, the advisors get very passionate about preparing you. You are not guaranteed a position, but with their guidance you have a great chance.

If this sounds like something for you, I suggest making an appointment here to speak with a Co-op advisor to learn more.

Let UML guide you into being Work Ready. Take advantage of these resources while you have it.


“Time management is key!”Bruno S. (Junior Criminal Justice Major)