20 Must Have Apps in College

Smartphone apps are great, especially in college. With apps, you can access almost anything with the press of a button. Here are 20 of the most useful apps for college students. Take the time to download and get familiar with them before you start your first semester! (They’re all free!)

1) Roadster Routes

Keep track of the UML Shuttles with this app. All the buses are GPS tracked, so you can see where each line is on it’s specific route.

2) Garage Spaces
This app lets you see the available amount of parking spaces in each garage BEFORE you spend time driving around to find one. Great for commuters!

3) Weather App

You spend a lot of your time walking to class, so it’s best to know what the weather will be like for the day. It’s always good to know if it’s going to rain or if the temperature is going to be very low.

4) UML Now

UML Now gives you access to you SiS, your class schedule, and even the dining hall menus. It’s all at fingertips.

5) MBTA 

Traveling by train is convenient when you don’t have a car. The MBTA app can help you plan trips and show you up to date maps and schedules for bus, commuter and subway routes.

6) Spotify

Spotify is great for anything. With the app, you have all the music you could ever imagine at your finger tips, and for free! Make playlists with your favorite songs or save them to your library. If you don’t want to deal with ads or shuffle mode, you can get Premium Spotify for five dollars a month.

7) Netflix

This one is pretty self explanatory.

8) Blackboard Mobile Learn

UML uses Blackboard as a platform for professors to connect with students online and outside of the classroom through assignments, class notes and discussions. Having the app is a great alternative to when you are unable to access a computer.

9) GroupMe
Group messages are great…if you all have iPhones. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. GroupMe is a great way to make group messages with anyone, and you can use it on a computer too!

10) Google Maps

This is essential to keep yourself from getting lost! Always make sure you plan ahead and know where you’re going.

11) Facebook

Stay up to date with all your friends and family, and friend us at UML Orientation!

12) Youtube

Watch anything from music videos to lectures to videos of cute puppies.

13) Pinterest

Keep track of all the things you find intersting on the internet in neat boards. It’s not just for girls either!

14) Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks App

With these apps, you can earn rewards for all the coffee you buy!

15) Pandora

If you’re not sure what you want to listen to, or if Spotify is too intimidating, use Pandora. You can type in any artist, song or genre and it will create a radio tailored to you!

16) Instagram

Share all the memories you make with your friends through pictures.

17) MyFitnessPal

Keep off the freshman 15 by keeping track of your daily routine. MyFitnessPal lets you log your food and exercise for each day, and even counts the steps you take.

18) SAM

This app is for mental health. You can check in how you’re feeling, and even do activities that can lower anxiety and stress. It’s a great way to track your stress levels.

19) Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a great place to find news, as well as silly articles and quizzes that are all short and to the point. It’s a great app to scroll through when you’re taking a study break.

20) Mint

If you have trouble keeping track of finances, this app can be your best friend. Set budgets for yourself and hook it up to your bank account to see exactly what you’re spending your money on.