Club Fair Kick Off

The other day, UMass Lowell kicked off the 2015-2016 school year with it’s annual Club Fair. It was a beautiful day, and everyone was excited to be back, or here for the first time. Not only did our students, both freshman and upperclassmen, have the opportunity to see all the organizations, teams and clubs that are available to them, but were given a free barbecue lunch as well (nothing’s better than free food right?).
After Convocation was completed inside, the lawn behind the Tsongas Center came alive as groups promoted themselves with candy, beads, and many other small items to wide eyed and curious freshman.
As the new president of the young Club Track and Field team, I sat with my team, giving me the opportunity to observe the Club Fair from an upperclassman point of view. It was different from last year, as I was a freshman signing up for anything I thought I liked. I remember signing up for all sorts of clubs from Ice Skating Club to the Pre Health Club. Signing up for many clubs is not a bad thing, because it gives you the opportunity to see what fits in your schedule best, and where you feel most comfortable.
This year, over one hundred groups attended Club Fair, and it was extremely successful. My team received over forty sign ups, which is amazing for a small and growing team. Other clubs received more than that, which is absolutely amazing. For example, Student Government Association received over two hundred signatures.
I also got to see the annual Walk A Mile in Her Shoes event, which raises awareness of sexual violence against women. If you didn’t get to see this, men will put on red high heels and walk a mile along the Riverwalk behind the Tsongas. Walking in heels physically puts men in women’s shoes, but also symbolically represent what women go through. It is funny to watch your friends trip over themselves in heels, but even better knowing it’s for a good cause.
With that, I’m going to give some advice on navigating future club fairs and joining clubs.
  1. It’s never too late to join! Clubs are willing to accept year round.
  2. Didn’t see something you liked at the club fair? Not all clubs were represented, but you can find a complete list of all of our clubs on Collegiate Link.
OR download the corq app on your smart phone!
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  1. You can also find all of clubs contact information on Collegiate Link as well!
  2. At our Club Fair, the best thing you can do is sign up for a lot of groups, and narrow it down once you decide what fits in your schedule as well as where you feel most comfortable.
  3. If you would rather talk to someone in person, our Office of Student Affairs is located on the third floor of University Crossing.
  4. And last but not least, GET INVOLVED!!

Stay beautiful,