You’re Almost at the Finish Line!

Hey friends and happy Friday! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. We hope everything’s going well because there’s only two more weeks left to the semester! It’s crazy, right?! I remember writing a blog in the beginning of last semester mentioning how everything was going to fly by in a blink of an eye. Well friends, you’re almost there! Here are a few tips to get you through to the end of the semester for finals:

Set Goals for Yourself
There is almost two weeks left until the semester is over! It’s not too late to make some goals for yourself. It can be, planning ahead for finals or wanting to get higher scores on any exam, quiz or

paper you need to write!

Put Aside Your Social Media Accounts
When studying, it’s counterproductive if you end up being distracted by social media. All these accounts will be there when schools over! Get productive and stay focused!! This will benefit you in the long run.
Calculate Your Grades
There are classes that you may have a few grades in because of the snow days we had. Within the next week, sit down and calculate how you’re doing. As well, you can check on SiS, midterm grades are available. This should give you an idea where you are at and where you can be at the end of the semester! J
Use Your Resources
There are several resources on campus that you are available to you such as, the Writing Place and the Tutoring Center. As well, you can always ask a friend or professor for help! It never hurts to ask for help because it will benefit you in the long run!
Here are the links to the Tutoring Center and the Writing Center:
Stay Organized!
Please stay organized around this time of year and plan accordingly! Starts to plan your next few weeks with small goals that will help make things easier by the end of the semester. For example, you can make a list like read five pages of this book until a certain date, write a few ideas down for a paper due at the end of the semester with links and/or make flash cards for an exam coming up.   
One thing I did not mention above it making time for yourself! This means making sure you take breaks, have 3 meals a day and get good night’s sleep! This is very important!! If you feel that you are stressed, try going on a walk or watching something you enjoy that will calm you down .
I have faith that you all will do well for the end of the semester! Remember, you are almost there!! It’s almost summer, friends!
Much Love,