Step away from the cold & come enjoy this journey with me

Winter?? Phhsssssst THAT DON’T PHASE ME!

I get it. The weather is NOT our best friend right now. He is cruel with all his blowing of wind, black ice, snow and low temperatures. To top it all off he has the sun playing TEASE! It shows up for a little bit and then it disappears! Oh the cruelty!
Well I have a solution for you to bear with it! Every time you feel the burning cold (yes because it buuurns), I want you to go to your happy place until you reach the inside of a building, shuttle or your home. Think ahead to maybe your spring break vacation coming up, or how spring should be approaching soon and the cold will have NO POWERover you! That’s what I’ve been doing for days………..
Here are a few images to help you cope! Dreaming always puts me in a good mood, I hope it serves you well lovies!

I mean wouldnt you love it if UML’s campus was in this yacht! 

< 3 Giselle