Introducing Roadster Routes!

Ever wondered when the next shuttle is coming?
Well now you can track the shuttles!!!
Its been in the works for awhile now, but now the beta version of UML’s roadster tracking application is now available. Because the beta version is still in a testing phase it is only available on any device that is capable of accessing the interwebs. Such as your phone or computer or tablet or whatever. 
 The best part is that its actually free!
So you can access the app by going to 
 There you can track the roadsters at all hours during the day and you can live a much happier transportation life. Don’t forget to tell your friends about the application. In the near future the University will be releasing the application to Android and iOS devices so you won’t have to use your web browser to view where the roadsters are. 
Hopefully your next ride on the RiverHawk Roadsters will be something like this:
Take it easy everyone and enjoy your long weekend!