School is finally out!!!
This is how I feel…
This is the most ridiculous video I have ever seen.  
 Hopefully you all got some good grades. I got some awesome ones in case anyone cares (totally giving myself a pat on the back right now). So finals are over and school is out until January 22. For all the freshman reading this, how awesome does that feel? I don’t really understand the logistics of giving us all a month off of class but I am not complaining. It is just awesome.
Here is another reason to be happy!
Planet Nibiru decided to spare us Earthlings. 
As of 3:13pm on December 21st, 2012 I am still at my work typing on this keyboard. The world has not ended. According to whatever apocalyptic prophesy you prescribe to, needless to say, it did not occur. We are all alive. We can all celebrate the holidays. Ya good stuff!
Anyways, according to the Huffington Post, shenanigans in and around the Mayan pyramids were going down. Here is a quote, “The boisterous crowd included Buddhists, pagan nature worshipers, druids and followers of Aztec and Maya religious traditions. Some kneeled in attitudes of prayer, some seated with arms outstretched in positions of meditation, all facing El Castillo, the massive main pyramid.”  
Also, according to some random person there, who “stood before the pyramid and blew a low, sonorous blast on a conch horn. “It has already arrived, we are already in it,” he said of the new era. “We are in a frequency of love, we are in a new vibration.” So thats cool too I guess.
Here is the full article, its quite ridiculous:
Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic winter break!
Tim Brown