Something none of us can live without…SLEEP

Hey everyone,

Today I’d like to talk about sleep. As a senior in college I have had my days were going to bed seemed down right unproductive. However, I have learned my lesson about how important sleep is time and time again. The chart below is a good representation of what most college students do.

But in reality, you can have all three if you learn to balance your college life and get enough SLEEP!

First lets start off with some basic facts about sleep:
1) Getting enough sleep in the first place!
—-The goal here is about 8-10 hours of sleep, so plan accordingly. The longer you are a sleep for the more REM sleep you get, which is the best kind, and our deepest state of sleep.
2) Creating a sleep schedule and sticking to it!
—-Getting the right amount of sleep is important but it can be not as effective unless you go to bed and wake up at about the same time every day. People who get the same amount of sleep everyday not only perform better in college but feel better overall!
3) Manage your time better.
—-Everyone has assignments in college, group projects, and papers that are larger than our dreams! These can take a lot of time and often times we put them off to the night before and stay up until 2:00AM to finish them. Simply put, try and do these before the night before! If the assignment takes a long time generally the professor will give you ample time to finish it. Even though I am a senior I have never pulled an all nighter for any project or assignment because I planned ahead.
4) Do NOT sleep in!
—-I know, you love sleep, and staying in bed till noon; I do too. But this can negatively effect your sleep schedule and make you more tired when you do roll out of bed.

So your homework for tonight is to set your alarm and get some sleep!