Whats next?…..

Hey Folks!
I hope the semester is going well! I know that it is for me! =)
This past Wednesday to kick off the Latin Heritage Month I attended an event called Cafe con Leche presented by UML’s very own LASA (Latin American Student Association). It was a fun night of talent with performances from a band, UML students with poetry and song, as well as a special guest form New York who also joined us last year and he did such an amazing job that we invited him back this year, Advocate of Wordz. You can find him on Facebook under that name, if you love poetry, realism, depth and comedy, then you will LOVE Advocate of Wordz!
If you are looking for more wonderful events like this one, KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! There are flyers everywhere on what’s happening next. We have such a variety of clubs/organizations that put on AMAZING events. For example the next LASA and OMA (Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs) event will be this Tuesday September 25th in Alumni Hall (North Campus) at 8pm. It will be a continuation to Latin Heritage Month; it is called a Journey in His Shoes. It will be a special guest, Multi-Award winning filmmaker and speaker Jesus Nebot. He will be coming to share with us his immigration story and hear any ideas you may have. Isn’t that awesome?
If you want to join in all the fun, come check us out every Wednesday at 6pm in the CRC (east campus) conference room for our weekly meetings. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Or if you want to go in another direction, no worries JUST GET INVOLVED! It’s as easy as checking out this link: http://umasslowellclubs.collegiatelink.net/

<3 Giselle