Hola Everyone!
My name is Giselle Colon and I am your new Orientation Ambassador this year! Are you excited? Because I AM! This summer I was also one of your Orientation Leaders!
On a more academic view, I was a transfer student from Bunker Hill Community College and I am currently a senior with a major in Criminal Justice, and minors in Sociology and Spanish. I have interned with the UMASS Lowell Police Department and worked a whole year at United Teen Equality Center (UTEC) in downtown Lowell. They work to serve the youth around Lowell and help them get off the streets and become more involved, educated and successful. Isn’t that awesome? THIS IS MY PASSION! I have been involved in a few organizations on campus like Sisters of integrity Striving Towards Empowerment, Respect, and Success (S.I.S.T.E.R.S.) and Latin American Student Association (LASA). This year I hope to continue in with them and hopefully add a few more to my list! =)
Enough about that! If you want to know more feel free to ask, but for now I’ll give you a little snippet of the fun side of me! Ready? Okay…..
So if you think of Giselle you immediately think of SMILING, I looove smiling! So if you ever see me around campus I want to see a Colgate smile! =D I am super approachable, outgoing and verrry friendly! I love SING and DANCE and meeting new people. OH THE JOY! Oh Oh did I mention my favorite color is PINK?!! No? Well now you know! It’s an awesome color. I also love dolphins and TRAVELING! One day I hope to travel THE WHOLE WORLD! One way to get that started is STUDYING ABROAD, super easy to do, DO NOT miss the chance! I did it (Costa Rica) and thought it was the best experience EVER!
Well that’s all folks! I really hope you enjoy our blog, and again feel free to always ask us ANYTHING! If you need to ask more personal question, I am your gal, you can just email me at
XOXO enjoy the ride
<3 Giselle