A Little Bit About Me…

Hello Everyone!
My name is Timothy Brown and I am one of the awesome squad of people commonly referred to as Umass Lowell’s Orientation Ambassadors. I also have several other common nicknames including but not limited to: Tim Gucci, T Breezy, Tbone, Tim BROwn, Ken, Awesome, Grandpa Tim, and many, many, more. Whatever you feel more comfortable referring to me is fine with me. I am a mix between serious, competitive, hardworking, reflective, silly, hilarious, and indifferent… kind of like a shepherd’s pie mixed with whatever your favorite food is, a sprinkle of awesome, mashed up in a blender and served hot enough to burn your tongue.
Besides working, I do a plethora of things on and off campus. Here we go:
Major: Political Science & Philosophy
Student Government Senator
Vice President of Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity
Secretary of Political Science Club
Mock Trial Team
Pre-Law Society
Greek Council Judicial Delegate
And of course in the summer I have the fantastic priviledge of being an Orientation Leader
Basically, I am a little bit busy but the sky’s the limit. I share a common approach to life with the great philosopher Lil Wayne in that we both have “No Ceiling’s.” Besides quoting rappers, I have a fantastic family, a cat named Ralph, a dog named Charlie… oh yeah, and two sisters whom I love from the bottom of my heart (not being sarcastic). I like rap, alternative rock, reggae, techno and dubstep, and much more. Fun fact: I actually used to DJ until I spilled a drink all over my macbook last fall and destroyed it! So I don’t have a computer anymore… but I do well on campus still so it is certainly possible to do great things without the same priveledges others have. Sorry in advance if I periodically give out life lessons, I tend to do that, that is how I got the nickname Grandpa Tim. Before I keep going on forever, I am going to leave you with two of my favorite quotes. The first is a political one and the latter a philosophical one. Enjoy!
“A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works”-Bill Vaughn
“Ideas, religion, and science are the blind mans cane.” -Howard Bloom
Well, I hope you all find me mildly entertaining and I look forward to keeping you updated in the future about many things.
Talk to you all soon!
P.S. Hi Mom!!!