And the count down begins..

With only 8 days of classes left there are only a few things on everyone’s mind: Spring Carnival, finals, and SUMMER! So I am going to dedicate my lovely, weekly blog to those three fabulous topics.

What is Spring Carnival?!
It is the highlight of Spring Semeter and it marks the end of another completed year of college! There are a lot of activities that start today and go until next Tuesday, the Wiz Khalifa concert. To get a list of all of the Spring Carnival events, check out this link:!/event.php?eid=165626790157203&index=1. It has all the essentials that you need to know.

But on a more serious note, Spring Carnival is known to be the biggest party on college campuses. So be smart about what actions you take this weekend. Remember that you are not allowed to have alcohol in your room in the Resident Halls unless you are 21 years old. And that there is to be no drugs in the Resident Halls either. There will be extra security in each of the Resident Halls starting on Thursday, they are there to make sure everyone is safe through the weekend. If you have any questions on these rules please speak with your Resident Advisor. The RAs would have no problem explaining the rules, in more detail, to you.

Finals. Finals. Finals.
As all of you know, finals are approaching fast and it’s time to start studying. If you don’t know your final schedule yet, you can log into ISIS and there is a Quick Link (the Student Center page) to your exam schedule. Make sure you go to all of your classes following up to finals because your professor’s will be giving you information that will be helpful on the exam and they might even tell you information that you don’t need to study (which saves you a lot of time!).

Summer is so close it’s hard to stay focused in class and when you are studying. But do your best because before you know it, you will be at the beach getting a tan. Look though the old blogs that we have posted for some extra study tips.

Good luck in your last few days of classes!!
-Meg (: