Getting to knoooow me! Getting to know all about me!

Hi Everyone! For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Daisy. I am a senior Music Education major. TECHNICALLY I am from Foxborough, MA but I have lived in Brooklynn, New York; Bergenfield, NJ; and I was born in Lagos Nigeria. Yeah, I never really stay in one place for too long. In fact, after living in Massachusetts for a while I kind of want to go either back to New York or move to London. I LOVE the English. I can’t even explain to you how much I love British people. I think they are so cool. <3 That might be why I love Harry Potter so much.
Now let’s talk a bit about how obsessed I am with Harry Potter. I was awarded the most likely to transfer to Hogwarts award my first year as an Orientation Leader. And then I convinced my entire floor to do a Harry Potter theme during my second year as an OL. I. Love. Harry. Potter. I am what is called a Potterphile. Don’t judge, it’s a serious condition. I am still convinced that I was supposed to get a Hogwarts letter and the owl got lost or my mom is hiding it from me. Yeah. I sound crazy. Whatev. You can all deal with it. I make it a point to quote HP and Mean Girls every day and not see a problem with it.

I also love music, though. I am a cellist. I should say classical, but if I had a choice I would be playing more pop/hip hop. I think exploring the instrument to its fullest potential is the greatest thing you can do. I spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays teaching a group of kids how to do that very thing and I’ve been doing so for four years now. The kids are great. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I love their enthusiasm. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days. It was great to come to UMass Lowell and get to have that experience. Not a lot of people can claim that same thing. Check this guy out! He’s like…amazing and I am absoLUTELY jealous.
Here are a few facts about me. ENJOY.
Daisy’s List of Faves
Favorite Food:  Chinese food. Either General Gau’s or Sesame Chicken. Omnomnom
Favorite Movie: Good question. I like a lot of movies and I have a huge collection of it. Queen of the Damned is kind of top of my list right now. And then there’s Mean Girls. Who DOESN’T love that movie?
Favorite Song: At the moment it’s “My Manic and I” by Laura Marling. It speaks to my soul. Either that or any song on Panic! At the Disco’s new cd or Mumford and Son’s. I love music, just saying.
Favorite Season: Fall. Hands down. No discussion. Not too hot, not too cold, no pollen allergies. JUST SAYIN.
Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Read. Do some surfin on the interwebz.
Favorite Store: Target. Like…it has EVERYTHING.

Favorite Colour:  Red.
Favorite Persons:  My best friend Rachel Rice. Quickly followed by my  good friend William. Without these two, I don’t even know HOW I would stay sane.  (Even though they both drive me insane at the same time.) Andy Chau!! My mom. I feel like if I don’t stop now I’ll make someone upset so…I LOVE YOU ALL?
Favorite TV Shows: Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Brothers and Sisters. I love dramas that I can watch with Ben and Jerry’s.
Favorite Book: Harry fricken Potter. I thought we went over this? J
Favorite Youtube Video: Uh…this video is absolutely UHMAZINGLY funny.
Daisy’s Bucket List
Travel. I’ve already been to Nigeria but I want to go to London, Japan, Italy, Ireland…a lot of places.
Spend an entire week reading.
Get my LICENSE. Guh. I am so slow. I’ll do it, I swear.
Learn to swim.
Get a starring role in a Broadway production.
Play cello in a soundtrack for a movie.
Teach the world proper grammar. ß This one will be hard.
Marry a Prince. Too bad Prince William’s already taken…darn!
Take ballet classes again. I really regret only being able to do it for a day. Black Swan totally inspired me.