Getting to know Meg!

Ambassador Week: Day 1: Meg!

Ambassador Week is a week all about your Orientation Ambassadors so that you can get to know all of us on a better level. You know us as your Facebook friend and the people walking around campus. But we want you to know us even better! So any questions, comments, or conundrums are welcome!

Hii! My name is Meg and I am a sophomore Exercise Physiology major. I grew up in Peabody, MA and went to Bishop Fenwick High School. Currently, I live in the ICC (Inn and Conference Center) and love it! What made me come to UMass Lowell was the strong EP program and that I could continue going here for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. It was also great that the campus is only 45 minutes away from home because my family is what keeps me sane (or insane which ever way you look at it):
Speak no evil. See no evil. Hear no evil.
But what made me love the campus was all the people I met, my roommates are two of my best friends and I’m sooo happy I met people like them. I also love how much the campus is changing, there is so much potential for this campus and that means a lot about the education we are receiving. Also I got involved which made me meet a lot of people fast. On campus, I am an Orientation Leader& Ambassador and Cheerleading Captain.
Lately my favorite thing to do is pull pranks to my friends that live on my floor, April Fool’s Day inspired me to be a prankster for the month of April. My dream job would to be a famous dance Choerographer OR a Physical Therapist for the Boston Ballet. I was a competitive dancer since I was 3 years old, so anything with dance involved would be a dream job for me.
List of Favorites!
Favorite Food: Moose Tracks ice cream with rainbow sprinkles
Favorite Movie: Grease, 50 First Dates, and Nick&Norah’s Infinite Playlist
Favorite Song: Right now it is, Everybody by Ingrid Michealson
Favorite Season: SUMMER!!
Favorite thing to do in my spare time: Workout and get coffee
Favorite Store: Forever 21
Favorite Color: Pink and yellow!
Favorite Person: My mom and my best friend Sam
Favorite TV Show: I have way too many but So You Think You Can Dance is probably my #1
Favorite Youtube Video: I don’t have just one favorite but this is a good one Sassy Gay Friend
Meg’s Bucket List:
Go to Italy, Ireland, China, and Thiland
Do a family tree (I am related to Al Capone)
Be a part of 100+ walks to raise money for Cancer research
Complete a Rubix cube
Be in 2 places at once
Graduate college
Make a big contribution to Health research
Go to a taping of Jerry Springer and Ellen
Run in a half marathon
Eat a cake from Carlos’ Bakery (I love Cake Boss)
Anything I missed that you wanted to know?! Ask me!