Summer classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey All!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s that time of year where midterms are over and your in the final stretch of the school year. Advising is going to be starting monday! If you are thinking/have to take a summer class…here’s what to do….

1. Figure out what class you HAVE to take to stay on track.

2. Talk to your advisior, ask them their recommendations on what you should do. Ask them these questions: Can I take it during the fall semester? Will it allow me to move on with other classes? The most important… Do you recommend I take it during the summertime instead of next year?

3. Once you have picked your class talked to your advisor the next step is signing up for the class….IMPORTANT you DON’T have to take the class HERE you can take the class at another college or community college. As long as the class equals the same class you are retaking/taking….

4. IF you are taking it at another college/community college….go to THIS website: to check if the course you are taking equals the class you have/retaking.

5. Last but not least don’t take a summer class unless you HAVE to

REMEMBER summer classes are just as expensive as buying lunch from subway, coffee from dunkin dounts, and driving from here to new york everyday for the last year. It can get costly depending on if it is online or not.

Just to get you through this week…and this snowy day:


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  1. **Make sure you talk to your advisor about where to take the class. Your best bet is to take it here! Don't take any A&P 2 class and expect it to transfer over here. Check all of your bases first.** – Ash

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