Stuff On Campus

So I’m pretty sick of people saying that there is “nothing to do” on campus. You’re all a bunch of whine-y liars!! There is basically something to do on campus almost EVERY DAY! 

Let’s get you educated and
aware of your awesome school events. 

* This FRIDAY is FRESH FRIDAY! Go to Fox Common at 10pm and BUST A MOVE. Who doesn’t love a dance party? Head on over and have some Friday night fun!

* RENT – This amazing show will be put on by your lovely UML Off Broadway Players.  Rent is an awesome rock musical that can be fun for any college student.  The show airs SEVEN…count ’em..SEVEN different times. The show plays from March 31 – April 10th, so go to the SIC to get your $5 student tickets.

* BEAT THE SYSTEM – This even is geared for any current student who is planning one living on campus next year!! This is your way to “BEAT” the Res Life “SYSTEM.” We will be having a lottery drawing for the first 20 spots in housing. What does that mean? If you get a winning spot, you get the first picks of housing on campus that are open!! Yea, I know, it’s crazy. There will also be a TON of cool things, so get on it. Oh & it’s FREE!

* CAMPUS CLUBS – Campus clubs advertise weekly meetings all the time!! Not sure if you’re interested? Just head to a general meeting and get the feel for the environment. There is a club for almost every interest, so get involved and stop complaining that there’s nothing to do! (Why not join the Glee Club?, all welcome!!!)

* Intramural sports! The second half of the spring semester intramurals are starting, so join up with your friends and head to watch a game or join in on the fun!

* Campus Moviefest Premiere!! — TOMORROW — Thursday — Go to Cumnock and watch the premiere of all of the great movies students made!! Vote for Viewers Choice! 7pm!

The Intramural Sports Department will be hosting our annual March Madness Tournament tomorrow Thurday March 24th starting at 5pm. The events are as follows: 3 on 3 tournament, 3 point contest, 3 point knockout and the Dunk Contest. If you would like to sign up for this event please pick up a form at the crc welcome desk or fill out a form online: Here is the link to register a team:

 Here is the link to sign up as a free agent or for individual tournaments: 

OK, for reals…I’m not going to list down EVERYTHING there is to do on campus because that is an INSANE amount of writing!!! Get out there and have some fun!!!