It’s Finally the Weekend!

            I don’t know about you guys but this past week seemed like it was never going to end! So this weekend is going to be me sitting around relaxing (finally)! Although I’m not really looking forward to the weekend ending either because next week I have an Organic Chemistry exam and the week following that I have a Microbiology exam. I just got out of an exam! So if you’re ever feeling like me, completely overwhelmed with all the exams and homework make sure you utilize the things UMass Lowell has to offer such as tutoring and the library! 
            Tutors are students, like us, that have gotten a B+ in the class they are tutoring or better. They take the time to explain something to you that your professors may go over quickly and they will work with you until you get it! 
            The library is also a great place to go to study. It is always quiet and there are less things to distract you there. If you do, however, want to study with a group, you can always go up to the second or third floor because you can usually be a little bit louder up there. The library is an especially nice place to go during finals week! 
Well I hope everyone has a great weekend and is prepared/preparing for any upcoming exams!

-Cait 🙂