Time to start wrapping things up…

Hey Guys!!

It’s Ashley! I haven’t been able to write a decent blog in quite some time, sorry about that! I’ve been soooo busy the last few weeks! With the semester winding down, make sure you take some time to relax yourself so you can get what you gotta get done, done.

I just finished writing up my focus paper for my psychology of developmental disabilities class, and boy was it a doozy (spelling by jeff sawyer.) I had to write about 2,200 words on a focus topic of a developmental disability and area of my choice. I had to choose 4 primary sources that had to be all journal articles, no text books or anything.

It was really hard to do, but I finally plugged through it and finished with just over the amount of words I needed.

I also had a huge presentation for my short story class, and put it on youtube for class.

I had a lot of things to do for classes, but now all I have left is to focus on my finals.

Start studying now so you don’t get overwhelmed!

Xoxo- Ashley