Monday Morning And It Is Cold!

Good morning and good day to all of you readers out there! It couldn’t get any more wintery than this…except, of course for a Nor’ Easter which we should be getting sometime this week.

The low for today: 25.2
The high for today: 30.3

I wore a sweatshirt and a wintercoat to class and in class and I was still cold. I was amazed by the site of a girl wearing a skirt with leggings on my way over to the office. I think that’s just pure insanity.

Speaking of pure insanity, why am I awake? It’s monday, it’s cold, finals are coming, papers are due, why do we even have class? I’ll tell you why: this is college. Instead of working at ten dollars an hour, you’re working at ten dollars with a purpose of bettering yourself and upping your chances at a more successful work venue.

So get out there, get to class, and enjoy this winter weather because it’s only going to be here until late April/ early May…