What’s it like sitting next to Jeff Sawyer?

It’s pretty awesome! He’s always tap-tap-tapping away on the keys and sipping his coffee while listening to his ipod. He’s the man. I mean, if I could be anyone in the world, right now, it’d be Jeff Sawyer. He’s always got a style, a certain flair, pinash, his aura just exhudes confidence and testosterone. He’s slick and smooth with everyone; Never revealing too much of himself, but always giving just enough of himself to keep you mesmerized. Right now he’s typing up a blog post on Halloween, checking out what’s going on on Gotta Be Here! I think he’s doing it on purpose. He’s letting me be a creepo, but that’s Jeff, always doing for others. Waht would it be like to be Jeff Sawyer? I bet it’d be like dying and going to heaven. God he’s typing so fast. He’s the typing God! He slaps carpal tunnel in the face with his Fingers of Titanium Alloy.

Alright enough of this creepiness because it’s creeping me out!

(Damn he saw it!)