Happy Halloween!!!

Hey everyone it’s Jeff here with a few updates on what is going on around campus….
First and foremost DO NOT miss the hockey game tonight. It is a big one against BU and you all should come and support your riverhawks as we beat them to a pulp and send them home crying like a bunch of chumps!! I know that was harsh but seriously come and support your riverhawks!! And come dressed in Halloween costumes, it will be a lot of fun and also hilarious to watch so let loose and I will see you all there!
The Movies That Rocks series is still going strong and this weekend they are premiering “The Orphan.” This movie is all kinds of creepy and has a strange twist in it so be sure to check it out. Besides, it is very fitting for the Halloween season. It will be showing first tonight in O’Leary Library Media Center Room 222 at 8PM. On Sunday it will be at the Fox Hall Common also at 8PM and on Monday at the ICC in the ballroom at 8PM as well.
Remember to be safe on Halloween!! Always have your parents check your candy for any sharp objects, and use the buddy system while you are out there getting free candy… just kidding, but seriously be safe and do not get carried away with the festivities and have fun!
That’s all folks,