Do you know who makes it all happen at the MSB?

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Do you know the Dean of the Manning School of Business? Shouldn’t you? Better yet, shouldn’t she know you? Well, here she is!

 Kachen George, Director CVIP Umass Lowell, and Kathryn Carter, Dean of Management

To the right is Dean Kathryn Carter.

The Dean’s Student Leadership Council is introducing a Dean’s Forum for the Manning School of Business! The Dean’s Leadership Council (DSLC) serves to enhance the educational experience for all students by providing a vital connection between the students of the college and the Dean.

Their next step in enhancing the educational experience for the Manning School of Business is to make sure that you all know who the heck runs this place. Knowing the MSB staff is crucial to your experience and educational career at UMass Lowell. Meeting the Dean of the college and more about what she does for the college and for you is one of the many steps in doing just that.

By the end of this year, the DSLC will organize a continuous Dean’s Forum where the Dean will share some of her current work and goals and answer your questions!

What do you want to learn from her? What are your questions and ideas regarding the MSB? Share with us and share with Dean Kathryn Carter!