Dorm Life or Apartment?

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As I enter my second semester as a sophomore, I am considering my living options for the rest of my time at UMass Lowell. It seems to be a rite of passage at this age to move onto living into an apartment. It requires more responsibility, is often less expensive than living on campus, and offers a year-round living location near to campus.



This is a picture of my friend, Delaine,
and I touring the University Suites in the spring of 2013 before they were
completely built. It was so exciting to know that we would be a part of the new
addition that was University Suites!

I’m so stressed, though! I am very active in clubs and the MSB and I want to be near the excitement of campus. This seems to be one of the only times during my life where I have the opportunity to live among so many different kinds of people in a more intimate way than the environment that an apartment, or home can provide. Better yet, this could be the only opportunity that I have in my whole life to live in a melting pot of people who are all working to better their education, sense of self, career and future.

I want to live year round in Lowell in order to fully commit to my undergraduate commitments, and I want to take on the responsibility of signing my first lease. At the same time, living in the dorms provides a home and sense of support that the apartment life seems to lack…

What are your thoughts on living while in college? What works best for your lifestyle and learning style? Any advice? I need it!

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