Winter Wonderland

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I woke up this morning to a white world. The ground was covered in a clean white powder that had yet to be turned into grey slush by the many feet of students walking to class. Trees had a soft white blanket covering their branches and as I got ready for the day, winter continued to descend upon the world one snowflake at a time.

The first snow fall of the season represents many things. It reminds us that first semester is coming to a close, it makes us excited to sit in front of a warm fire with loved ones, and it makes us even more anxious for the coming spring while reminding us how lucky we are to live in New England.

Enjoy the change in season with the UML community and swing by the University Suites courtyard for UMass Lowell’s first Annual Tree Lighting and Winter Celebration. There will be free photos in snowflake frames, free cookies and cocoa, and a candy-cane-grams fundraiser. We hope to see everyone there!

One thought on “Winter Wonderland

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