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The damage is done. I write to you as I gasp for breath from underneath all of the projects and papers that consume my life at this time of year…I’ve been too busy to write a blog for Thanksgiving, I was too busy to perfect the My Math Lab assignment I had due today, I know that I’m already too busy to wear anything but UGGs this week, and I may or may not be too busy to go to Financial Accounting… Just kidding, I have to go – considering I don’t understand even the basic principles of accounting.

I’m regretting spending too much time on painting my nails and making my dorm look pretty this semester, and wondering how much smarter I would be right now if I forgot about the appearance of my nails and never cleaned my dorm… I’ve decided I would be much smarter.

The reality is finals are around the bend. We can hide behind the bend as much as we wish, but finals are going to show up no matter what. And yes, we will receive a zero if we don’t show up.

Below is a Pic Stitch photo with all of the things that will be getting me through finals.


First is my laptop. My laptop holds all of my assignments, rubrics, papers, notes, etc. Without it, there would be close to no record of my academic career.

Second is a quote I that inspires me. I find that letting yourself be silly can actually help you focus more when needed.

Third is a playful photo that one of my friends shared on Twitter. This reminds to be gentle with those around me (like the dogs are being with each other) even when I want to be grumpy and vicious (just like huskies can be) because I don’t want to study for finals.

Fourth is a picture with me and my suite mates. This reminds me that I have a terrific support system to get me through the next couple of weeks. Shout out to my suite mates for being the bomb!

Last is coffee. Sweet, sweet coffee. This is a reminder that coffee is my friend during these sleepless nights filled with studying, but that it can also be my enemy if consumed in excess. Moderation is the key!

I would love to see a Pic Stitch with your finals week essentials. Feel free to comment them or to share them on the MSB Facebook page!

I’ve got to go now…The weight of these papers is pushing me back into the ominous homework pile…


Did you notice I changed my font?

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