Stop to smell the roses


We visited Regents Park today. Right at the beginning of the park is a rose garden, a sea of blushing pinks and mellow yellows. It is amazing how many parks there are in London. Londoners are always on the move. I feel like places like Regents Park are necessary. They give people an opportunity for a mental break from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life and help balance out all of the pavement and cement buildings.

As we sat in the park, we discussed our visit to the Imperial War Museum and the Churchill War Rooms. Tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of WWI. It is an amazing time to be in England. I have always learned about the wars in a history class, but now I get to see how they impacted the country on a much more personal level. Visiting the museums was a fascinating and sobering experience. I cannot imagine the horrors and heartbreak people went through during the war.

All over the city there have been memorials to the soldiers who died in the war. The Tower of London had beautiful plastic poppies flowering the lawn in front of the tower. Saint Paul’s Cathedral had statues commemorating the war. Everywhere you go in the city, memories of the war still resonate. I am truly honored to experience the 100th anniversary firsthand.

On a  more lighthearted note, a few of the girls and I are traveling to Paris in a week! I can’t believe the trip is ending so soon!