Smelling the Roses

A few days ago, we went as a class to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and I have to say that it was one of my favorite places that we have visited. We had several class discussions about Victorian dress norms and the role of women, and then we viewed the artwork and sculptures in the museum. It was all interesting, and enjoyable, but when I stepped outside to head to the cafĂ©, I saw a beautiful courtyard. It was truly picturesque, with a wading pond in the center, and little children splashing around. People were seated at small tables around it, with their tea and cake, and I had to stop and just drink it all in. I went and got a little spot of tea and cake myself, and joined them. The course up to that point had been very hectic, as we were going and doing so much. So as I sat there, it was as though time just stopped. I looked around at the gorgeous architecture and the children giggling as they splashed in the wading pool, and I just thought to myself that there aren’t many moments in life as picture-perfect as this, and I should really, consciously and deliberately, enjoy it. And so, I did.

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