free spirit


All my reflection is changed by what I saw just now. This morning we went to Westminster abbey and later we went to house of parliament. Without doubt, Westminster abbey and house of parliament are fabulous and magnificent UK architectures. I am shocked by these incredible buildings. I strongly feel that British people are deeply proud of their history and their royal family existence. Apparently, the royal family is a symbolism of United Kingdom spirit. While I want to say royal family is also one of the ways UK people keep their history. On the other hand, British royal families really do a good job to represent the whole UK. The design and structure of the architectures should be another kind of wonderful history that British people are proud of. People love London because we know that London’s history is fully filled thick humanistic and literature background. Even the British accent makes me feel pleased. In my impression, UK gives people a feeling of peaceful, harmonious and quiet. UK people speak slowly, walk slowly and their whole life tempo is like waking up in the morning, not too active and not emotional. This parade in the afternoon totally changed my impression to UK. I said to myself that I saw the quiet side of London, now I saw the active side. Hundreds of people were unstoppable coming to the parade ground. I saw marches before in American and Canada but I never saw such big one. The parade is organized. People walked in sequences hanging up their board. My heart was shaken by the slogan shouting. I felt their emotions. I get my reflection that UK is a freedom country. Unlike UK, America projects freedom in architecture, in movies and in music. It has become common sense that freedom is in America. I do not know there is also such free spirit in UK. I am really moved by the parade. People fight for what they want. People have the right to fight what they think the right.